Before DJ Khaled hit his career heights and had "The Keys" his love for sneakers had him working inside a Champs Sports. Now, his omnipresent personality in music, entertainment and social media brought him the ultimate execution. In partnership with Champs Sports, DJ Khaled built and opened his very own exclusive Champs Store right inside his Miami Florida studio.  The Champs team stepped into the open space in Khaled's studio, building out premium displays, hanging keys from the ceiling, and showcasing premium product.  To celebrate and open up this space to Khaled and his elite community, Champs hosted a launch event.  To tease the launch, a co-branded wrapped truck drove through key landmarks throughout Miami ending up parked right in front of Khaled's studio. Catering was brought in from Khaled's own restaurant Finger Lickin' and Champs revealed the final space to Khaled and all of his friends in an all-day celebration for them and the press.

As the Executive Producer, Katie was responsible for the truck-wrapping and location scouting, oversight over all production staffing, security, catering, and the on-the-ground needs for the Champs executive team, and acted as the primary point of contact for the VIP event.