Founded in 2007, Dark Disco is a monthly party passion project of Katie and her partner to showcase their love of New York, global dance music, and underground club culture. The event takes over the iconic dim sum restaurant 88 Palace on the 2nd floor of a Chinatown mini-mall directly under the manhattan bridge. The event is fully produced and curated including light installations, bar build outs and hanging installations, all designed to juxtapose the dynamic traditional Chinese interior of their dim sum palace home.  Dark Disco flies well known european dance music DJs in and partners then with well known NY and US natives to celebrate the garage and underground warehouse culture that cultivated what is now knowns as traditional NY nightlife. 

Dark Disco’s motto is: We’re committed to partying with a good sound system, lots of shots and a venue with shady corners, where you can love and hate equally and then drink and dance it off. Welcome to the party.

As the Creative Director of the project, Katie curates the Dark Disco aesthetic, manages communication and contributes to talent curation with her partner who oversees the bulk of the booking and the production side of the project.