Google Play Music partnered with Wanderlust yoga and music festival in 2015 to highten visibility around the platform. With a quick turn around time before the first event, Katie, her Experiential Creative Director and on the ground team conceptualized, fabricated and produced everything in time for two remote festival activations at mountain resorts. Specially mood-curated Google Play Music stations played throughout yoga classes, a 20x20 branded pop up and the spa. Attendees could step into an individual pod for a music meditative moment with headphones and pillows, or sitting under a sound dome and being showered in a spa-like music experience while surrounded by nature. Google Nexus devices were available for festival goers to use in the custom built teepee which was created to provide the perfect atmosphere for relaxing with music. Attendees participated in a digital and hard copy photo booth, could climb the live-sized logo headphones, test out the service with a free trial, and rent a pre-loaded nexus phone for a run through nature with curated sounds. Good Play provided free yoga mat rentals, hair braiding, and body art as an additional take-aways in addition to the custom music-curation embedded throughout the festival.

Katie mapped out the partnership agreement, sat between Google Play, the creative team and the production agency, and ensured the project was concepted and executed smoothly to ladder up to the larger Google Play music service messaging and execution throughout the US.


Photos and video by Michael Mendoza