To support the neighborhoods in which it works, State Farm takes iconic artists back to their hometowns to share their stories and support the communities that played a part in their rise. For Neighborhood Sessions #2, State Farm highlighted musician Toby Keith. Raised in Norman/Moore, Oklahoma, in the heart of tornado alley, where he still lives, Keith has seen the importance of neighborhood collaboration many times over. To celebrate this shared spirit and the city’s communal resilience, State Farm visited Keith’s property and built an experience from scratch, including a stage with full light and sound production, culminating in community event, concert, and hour-long broadcast, with donations given by State Farm to featured organizations. 

As Neighborhood Session #2’s Experiential Executive Producer, Katie partnered with the experiential creative team to consult on their creative vision and bring it to life. She oversaw all experiential vendor build and execution, and partnered with the Broadcast Executive Producer and Toby Keith’s tour and management team to ensure a seamless execution where the live experience felt as good on the ground for the community as it did when broadcast to millions of viewers.